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Using Selenium for testing File Uploads

We have integrated Selenium and Browserstack into betajs-browser to facilitate automated tests for file uploading. This cannot be done with regular automated unit tests as the files themselves need to be selected by an outside system, here: Selenium. This works pretty... Read More

No more jQuery in betas-dynamics

We have finally managed to remove jQuery from betajs-dynamics. There are still more repositories to work through and remove jQuery, but this is a big step towards the goal to be fully jQuery-free on betajs. What have we learned? Most functionality can be replaced... Read More

Testing File Uploads with our mock-file-server

Testing Uploading Files, including chunked file upload, usually requires setting up a simple web server, allowing you to upload and retrieve files. We have now open-sourced our internally used minimal mock file server. Instead of actually writing files to your local... Read More

Testing AJAX with our mock-ajax-server

Testing AJAX is tricky, particularly when you want to cover all cases like CORS, JSONP and so on. For that reason, we have released an open source mock ajax server that you can easily run locally or deploy to e.g. Heroku. We’re using it to test our ajax modules... Read More